Day-trip & night out in Airlie Beach


I had been in Airlie for nearly ten days, relaxing and recharging (see Recharche & Routines in Airlie Beach). I had been eager to find out if there was more to the Whitsunday Coast than just sailing (see Sunsets, Sailing & Secret Missions) and revelry (which I had done very little of). It was my last day in town and time to get out for a day to explore the hinterland and check-out with a bang.

The Work-for-accommodation Crew, V, J, M and I, decided that the best way to explore the area was to rent a car for the day. We were all done with our daily duties around midday with our lunches packed and ready to go. We headed to Fun Rentals and rented a Getz for the day. After a brief explanation of the ‘does and don’ts’, we were off with V as our designated Dave and the boys in the back.

V's crazy driving
V’s crazy driving
Boys in the back

Cedar Creek Falls – Proserpine

Exiting Airlie we were greeted with rolling hills and a lush, green landscape. Sugar cane fields lined the way as we headed for Cedar Creek falls.

View on our way to Cedar Creek
View on our way to Cedar Creek

It was a 35 minute drive to the falls, with only one U-turn on the way. Once we arrived we packed our day bags expecting a long trek to the waterfall, but soon realising that it wasn’t far at all. We devoured our pre-packed lunches before joining the few others already in the icy waters surrounded by a natural rock ampitheatre. We wadded over to the falling water where it got much deeper and seemed warmer as our bodies adjusted to the cold. We each took turns climbing up the rock face, beneath the falling water and jumping off.

Cedar Creek Falls
Cedar Creek Falls

After wadding around for some time, we decided to explore. Geared with slippery flip flops, we trekked up to the top of the falls. The creek formed another swimmable pond above before flowing down the rocks.


View from the top

We soon made our way back down and headed to the car to continue to the next stop on our half day excursion of Airlie’s surrounds. We headed all the way to Hydeaway bay – 55km north of Airlie. We passed through more rolling green hills and sugar cane fields before arriving about an hour later. The bay boasted blue water and an almost deserted beach.

Hydeaway Bay
Hydeaway Bay
Hydeaway Bay
Hydeaway Bay
Hydeaway Bay

Short on time as we had to drop M off by 5pm, we climbed back into the car and headed to Dingo beach. We were greeted by yet another deserted beach with all but a pub and a general store in town.

Dingo Beach
Dingo Beach

So after a short time exploring, we drove the 45 minute journey back to Airlie. With Airlie beach in sight and some time to spare, we stopped at Coles for some ‘Scoop and Weigh’. We filled some bags with ‘peanuts’ and ‘sunflower seeds’ and all left happy and smiling.

Searching for sunsets

We dropped M off at Magnums so he could start his shift and then continued to Shute Harbour for the sunset. After some trial and error, bush trekking and taking to locals, we decided to head back to Abel Point to find a vantage point there.

Shute Harbour
Shute Harbour
Bush trekking fail
View over Abel Point Marina

Wet T-shirt competition… more like no T-shirt competition

Back in the Work-for-Accommodation room, we all got ready for our upcoming, night out in Airlie whilst sipping on cups of Goon and Monster concoctions. We chatted and joked, mainly about Milch Boobie (a German term that we made up many meanings for) before eventually heading out at 10pm. We didn’t venture far and went to Magnums Nightclub for their $4 vodka sodas. They were hosting a wet T-shirt contest, which turned out to be more of a no T-shirt contest. We awkwardly watched as the contestants desperately tried to win over the audience by stripping off all their clothes. The one girl seemed so desperate to win as she was completely naked at the start of the contest. After the winner was announced (winning a mere $300 – a low price in my opinion for totally degrading yourself) we decided to move on.

After some sweet-talking at the door to Boom Nightclub, we managed to get in for $5 instead of the expected $10 and we also got VIP bands to get $5 drinks all night. Gin and tonics for the win!

I was the first to head back as I needed to be up early for my bus to Townsville in the morning.

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