Cycled mission in Mission Beach


It was already dark when I arrived in quiet seaside town of Mission Beach. It was a 15 minute drive in the shuttle bus before I arrived at the Jackaroo Treehouse, where I would be staying the next two nights. I had arrived on the last bus for the night and thus all the shops were already closed so I ate oats and raisins for dinner – again.

Jackaroo Hostel

Something I have found to be my favourite way of seeing a new place is renting a bicycle and exploring, so on my first morning in Mission Beach I rented one of the free bicycles from the hostel and headed out to check out what mission beach had on offer – keep in mind that I was apparently the only one who had ever actually asked to rent the bicycle.

I headed down the steep slope out of the hostel. The view was pretty exceptional with beautiful, lush, green hills rolling in every direction. Only the front brake worked and the bicycle made a funny clicking sound as I pedalled. Not all the gears worked either, but it got me pretty far. I cycled down to the beach road. The road hugged the rainforest on my right and the ocean on my left. Palm trees lined the beachfront. The area was rather quiet and no one was swimming in the box jellyfish-infested waters, of course. Passing the Perry Harvey Jetty, I hung a left and cycled to through the rainforest to clump point. I then went down to the boat dock before returning to the main road.


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I cycled along the Ulysses Walking track which passed along the beach and through some camp sites and luxury accommodation resort.

I then decided to swing a left and check out the view of the beach. I started snapping the picturesque palm trees that lined the edge as parachutes began to enter my frame. I had stumbled on the sky-diving spot on the beach where people made their beach landings. They slowly appeared into view with their parachutes open. This was the main reason people came to mission beach – to skydive. I had already done my skydive in Byron Bay (see Welcome to my office). People also come here to River raft in Tully and I was seriously considering a trip if I could book one for tomorrow.

Skydivers landing on the beach
Skydivers landing on the beach

I continued my cycle along the walkway and inspected the town of Mission Beach. There wasn’t much else here besides a few shops, restaurants and bars. I continued to the end of the walking path and then along the highway to Woolworths. It was a total of 12 kilometres and I was feeling a little exhausted from my trekking over the previous few days. I called the hostel to see if I could catch a ride back as I knew they had a trailer that I could put the bike in. The next shuttle was at 3:40, so I hurried to Woolworths and bought some lunch and food to cook for dinner. I waited over an hour as I had no intention of cycle the 12 km back up the hill I had come down.

I caught the shuttle back, made dinner and booked a rafting trip along the Tully River for the next day. I spent the rest of the night preparing for my trip, packing and booking my trip to Cairns tomorrow.

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