"You will never be completely at home again,
because part of your heart will always be elsewhere.
That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing
people in more than one place." - unknown

From bustling cities, to serene, white, sandy beaches; 'Street Signs & Tan Lines' is a blog about my adventures and new encounters around the world with the primary focus on my upcoming, year-long adventure in Australia.


About Me

Hi, I'm Zoë, a young, adventurous and recently qualified architect from South Africa who - after spending six gruelling years at architecture school - I have decided to put her career on hold and travel the world. Having already knocked thirteen countries off my bucket list, I have done my fair share of globe-trotting – but have yet to satisfy my wanderlust.

Being a strong believer in the 'yes man' theory of putting oneself "out there" and always trying new things, has lead me to discover my love for both photography and 'adventure' sports, both of which I don’t claim to be particularly good at. I find much satisfaction in uncovering new and exciting interests and learning new skills in various places around the world: from learning to snowboard in the Rocky and Wasatch mountain ranges in the United States; to obtaining my scuba diving certification off a rural island off the coast of Cambodia; and hopefully, to learning to surf off one of the beautiful beaches in Australia. I am also a huge fan of running or cycling as a way of exploring new, unknown territories and yoga to aid relaxation.

I have lived in sunny South Africa for most of my life, having journeyed to the US during three of my student breaks where I got to experience the snowy, winter seasons in both Aspen and Park City. Soon, I will be off to the land of kangaroos and didgeridoos for two years to experience the - much warmer - life ‘down under’.